La La La.

So. I've been painting.
Lots and lots.

Found this in the chaos of all my arts supplies.. 8x10" Acrylic on canvas.

Board found at Value Village, pretty sure this was a hockey player originally.. Acrylic on wood board. 16x20"

Stretched this one myself with some found wood. 12x16" Acrylic on canvas

Another Value Village find! 17x22" Acrylic on wood panel.

Someone threw this out, so I gave it a new life. 9x12" Acrylic on canvas.


Body Talk

Hi Hi Hi.

I found a contest for Robyn's Body Talk Tour at Creative Allies, I decided to enter.. and this is my submission..
I didn't make the finals *tear* but I am so so so glad that I found the contest and completed the poster. It was nice to do a vector that wasn't of me or friends.. haha.


New Work!!

Painting I did for a friend of mine.. (:
Inspired by the sun.. which was so strong the day I finished this.. it just felt right, ya know?
Anyways, this one inspired one I'm currently working on, which is 4 phases of the moon..




Sidetracked while working on the paper mache piece.. teehee.
I found the canvas downstairs!! Someone had tossed a bunch end of last month so I grabbed a few. (:

Acrylic on Canvas



Been a bit since I updated this.. hehe. so here's 2 paintings that I've finished since last update. I found the canvas for the top one in my building, the things people throw away!!

Speaking of.. my friend Ryan found a board for me!! Excited! I bought some chicken wire and paper mache'd it up. Super fun times! Almost finished, so pics should come soon.. (:


I'm Popular!!

So, I noticed a couple days ago that the safe sex campaign that I worked on with the AIDS Committee of Durham Region had made it into the 'popular' section of CATIE's website!!! eeeeee!
check out catie.ca for some other really great resources.




I was at the AIDS Committee of Durham Region a couple weeks ago to work on another project that Im doing with them.. A brochure for the African Caribbean Outreach Program. (more on that later) As soon as I walked in the door, Lindsay, the Youth Outreach worker, had told me that she just got word from Catie that they were interested in the campaign.. It's not on the site yet... there is a couple minor wording changes in the brochure to suit Catie's needs that I'm still waiting on.. I'll let everyone know when its up.

So excited!!! Catie has resources from around the country on their website and AIDS Service Organizations from all over Canada can order the resources and have them shipped to their agency..

The exposure alone is so exciting!! but I'm just glad that its not sitting in my portfolio doin nutin and is actually being used.. :)

Oh! more news.. my good friend Arthur is hosing my new website!! the link is johngravelle.workofart.org I'm hoping to have it as a portfolio site.. Theres nothing there right now.. just a test page.. I still have to work on a layout and getting content on the site etc etc..

New Painting...

This painting was in between stages for a while now.. just finished it a couple days ago.. :)
24x22" Acrylic on canvas.



I found a bunch of old fabrics and other craft supplies from long ago in 'the barn' a couple weeks ago.. and I needed a small pincushion for my loose needles. With a bit of coffee and a late night, I came up with this.. D:



So thanks to www.instructables.com, I learned how to silkscreen *fistpump*
This is the first shirt made with that screen... the final one anyways.. it took a bit to get the hang of, and I'm still working out the kinks.. ah well.. practice makes perfect.


I found this on one of the ACDR staff members facebook a couple days ago.
So excited! I haven't seen it yet, so I'm gonna take a couple pictures next time I'm in Oshawa... since this one is a cell pic..



Safe Sex Campaign

I grabbed a couple of these when I was working at the AIDS Committee of Durham Region last Thursday and I had remembered to take a picture this time! The first time I brought these back home with me, I set them out at Priape... who knew that free condoms would be a hit in a sex shop?

So far the campaign includes:

4 posters
condom kits
promo cards*

and there is a brochure that goes with the campaign as well. :)

*still needs to be printed


Vector Illustration

Vector illustration of a local Toronto Drag Queen. I did this last year sometime, around Pride..


Plushy Cat Toy.

So I made these for Nathan's sister and her kitty's..
Bell and catnip inside.

My fingers have so many pinholes its crazzzzyyy. :(


So, I'm kinda addicted!!!
I made the one on the left for a coworker of mine. :)