I was at the AIDS Committee of Durham Region a couple weeks ago to work on another project that Im doing with them.. A brochure for the African Caribbean Outreach Program. (more on that later) As soon as I walked in the door, Lindsay, the Youth Outreach worker, had told me that she just got word from Catie that they were interested in the campaign.. It's not on the site yet... there is a couple minor wording changes in the brochure to suit Catie's needs that I'm still waiting on.. I'll let everyone know when its up.

So excited!!! Catie has resources from around the country on their website and AIDS Service Organizations from all over Canada can order the resources and have them shipped to their agency..

The exposure alone is so exciting!! but I'm just glad that its not sitting in my portfolio doin nutin and is actually being used.. :)

Oh! more news.. my good friend Arthur is hosing my new website!! the link is johngravelle.workofart.org I'm hoping to have it as a portfolio site.. Theres nothing there right now.. just a test page.. I still have to work on a layout and getting content on the site etc etc..

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